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David Sumner Designer


Designers need to retake the responsibility and yes, liability of the design process in order to guard against the prevalent disassociation incurred by the  state where managers and accountants become the new image makers. This designer further contends that if a designer is able to meet all of a client’s project goals, the design goals were not high enough.

David Sumner 

Production Designer formerly NYC based, now FL, focused on design for theatre, concerts, corporate events, exhibits, broadcast and interior architecture. His resume spans more than forty years, with projects from around the globe.


David Sumner has designed projects for regional theatre, opera, ballet and Broadway; highlights include: the world premiere of a three act ballet “Shim Chung” - selected to represent Korea as part of the 1988 Olympics, the world premiere of Michael Cristofer's award winning play "Amazing Grace starring Marsha Mason" and the American Premiere  of the Willy Russell's hit musical “Blood Brothers". Sumner designed the popular musical, “Funny Girl, produced by Joop Van Den Ende Productions in the Netherlands, directed by Chet Walker;  and back in the US,  designed a national tour of  “The Music Man”. In southern Europe, Sumner designed “Les Femmes” and "City Lights", both "Vegas styled" spectaculars, at Monte Carlo’s famed SportingClub.  In the late 90's, Mr. Sumner, was invited to accompany director/former Spanish ambassador, Tomas-Rodriguez-Pantoja, to Spain, to meet the gypsies of Andalucia, and to experience first hand their music, dance, and culture. That extended, sun drenched, journey culminated with the Broadway show “Gypsy Passion”.


On the corporate side, Mr. Sumner’s has designed numerous corporate meetings, exhibits, festivals, product launches, broadcasts, parties, and special events for an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients including: Actelion, Acura, Apple, Audi, Bristol Meyers-Squibb, Canon, ESPN, Estee-Lauder, Ford, Gillette, GM, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, IBM, Intel, Liz-Claiborne, Lucent Technologies, MCI, Met Life, Novartis, NFL, McNeil, Pepsi, Peugot, Philip Morris USA, Sanofi-Aventis, T-Mobile,, Sheraton North America, Sharp Electronics, SONY, and Xerox.


Mr. Sumner was co-production designer for Bob Geldof’s global world hunger simulcast: “Our Common Future” broadcast from live from Lincoln Center. A few years later, Lincoln Center asked that he design their popular summer dance festival “Midsummer Night’s Swing”. Mr. Sumner is familiar with the Olympics. He has designed numerous Olympic related projects beginning with nightclub installations for the 1980 Olympic Village in Lake Placid NY, to the most recent- an interior design project - The IOC Pavilion in Beijing, China.


At prestigious Rhode Island School of Design’s Division of Architecture and Design, Mr. Sumner was brought on board in the late 90‘s and assigned the task of breaking down the walls of traditional architecture while imparting 21st century computer based design and communication skills. The intensive class he devised, co-taught with architectural lighting designer, Dennis Cohen, paired outward-bound team building training and cutting-edge computer based skills with heart pounding nightclub design. Notable industry professionals, from around the globe, representing a wide range of design related professions, were brought in to judge the work.


In 2012, Mr. Sumner was invited to the Northeast Educational Theatre Festival, in Portland, ME as keynote speaker. To the assembled students he spoke about dreams,  the miracle of their lives, how they mattered, and the vision required to reach a dream.  Afterwards, in a related workshop, teary-eyed students, en masse, approached him to say: "We never hear've changed our life."  and later that same evening, their teacher added, "I don't know what you said to my students, but you set them on fire."


Member: United Scenic Artists, Local 829 (Scenic Designer/ Computer Artist)

Valentina Felce Designer

"there is no world too complex to be created and no emotion too great to convey...."


Valentina Felce

Production Designer, Stage Designer, Fine Artist

Valentina Felce, currently based in both Florida & Madrid, Spain, is a creative, versatile production designer, stage designer, and fine artist who believes that through the performing arts lens there is no world too complex to be created and no emotion too great to convey. When one accepts that reality, nothing is truly impossible. Valentina is dedicated to bringing that world of emotions and ideas to life through her unique, innovative, production design and fine art experience. 


Ms. Felce, (BFA North Carolina School for the Arts), began her professional career at Disney where she worked for six years as a successful scenic artist. She painted the "Kingdom".


Valentina Felce, a welcomed new member of David Sumner Design, brings her unique vision and keen production design perspective to every project she touches. Her designer's eye lies squarely behind many of the successful concerts, events, parties, corporate meetings and exhibits designed in this office for companies such as: Chick Fil A, Subway, Getty, Google, Tik Tok, Advent Health, Northwestern Mutual, Infinity, Sothebys, and Bain. 


As a fine artist, Ms. Felce continues practicing her unique visionary/fine art talents combining painting, sculpture and various forms of design to create one-of-a-kind experiences that surprise, delight, and inspire. Her work graces both Parisian windows and the covers of many notable magazines.

Awards & Honors


“Stuffed” Magazine Cover 2013 

Academy of Handmade Art Best Award Finalist 2014

Cirque du Soleil, 2012 at UNCSA. “Cirkus Theater Project”- Won a Storytelling Contest 

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