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Reviews ​
I DO, I DO! (Village Theatre, Issaquah WA 2019) 
"The original Broadway play’s set was wholly in the couple’s bedroom. Village Theatre took a similar, yet at the same time, entirely different, approach. Three separate sets of moving cabinets provide an endless supply of furniture on demand as well as partitions when needed. .....the set for I Do! I Do! is brilliant in its pure functionality.....Incredible."
_ Lori Metz, Everyday Lives
"Most memorable about I DO, I DO staging though, is Village's clever stage setting."
- Jerry O'Brien, Drama in the Hood."


How to Succeed in Business (5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, 2016)

“This production at the 5th is just as fine as the 1995 Broadway production with Matthew Broderik if not better in many ways.” -Matthew Strangeways,

'Beautifully directed (and choreographed) by Dan Knechtges, there is a deliciously eye-popping overall look to the production, with its colorful and creative scenic design from David Sumner & Tom Sturge. The visual artistry seems to tip its hat to the Cubist art movement led by such painters as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in the early 2Ist century. "- David Dow Bentley III


"The knock-out Mondrian inspired set by David Sumner and Tom Sturge accomodates Finch's climb up the corporate ladder." -Misha Berson, Seattle Times; 2/2016


"They've managed to take this pleaser of a show so far beyond the bare minimum making this gem shine with so much brilliance that you may need sunglasses."- Jay Irwin,; 2/2016


"the show is a visual treat as well. Obviously the op-art, geometric print designs of 60s modernistic artist Piet Mondrian are the focal point of the design aesthetic for this production, with David Sumner and Tom Sturge’s set design strongly reflecting the look of Mondrian."- Michael Strangeways,; 2/2016


"The action plays out on David Sumner and Tom Sturge's spectacular set." - Dusty Somers,; 2/2016


"The set in this production was extremely eye-catching and flowed between scenes very well. With colors and designs inspired by Piet Mondrian’s work, such as “Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue,” the stage looked like one big piece of art"- Colin Pwtorak,; 2/2016

"Loved working on your set!" - Dan Knechtges, director.


Gypsy Passion (Broadway)


"Gypsy Passion looks perfectly at home on Broadway as a family show."- Anne Kisselgoff, New York Times, 1992; "Gypsy Passion", Broadway, Plymouth Theatre, NYC


Regional Show Reviews


"David Sumner's set begins at the theatre door with soft dirt and straw underfoot. Cyrano is a feast for the eye, ear, funnybone and something for the mind and heart as well.... AMBITIOUS, A STUNNING SUCCESS!"- Pittsburgh Post Gazette. "Cyrano", Pittsburgh Public Theatre


"The sets by David Sumner are properly quaint for the perfect young ladies who look garish, act coy and shriek in unison."- Alvin Klein, New York Times. "The Boyfriend" Bridgeport Cabaret


“David Sumner’s visual design is perfectly spare- gray furniture against gray floor.”- Variety, Oct 30 1995, “Amazing Grace” Pittsburgh Public Theatre WORLD PREMIERE (American Critics Association Best New Play 1996)


"David Sumner's set has an appropiate deserted warehouse or cell block feel."- Pittsburgh Post Gazette, "All the Rage", PPT.

"Among the play's other niceties, add the rampant greenery in David Sumner's set design, and its cheery, cartoon- like backdrops"- NY TIMES, Alvin Klein, 1988. "Little Shop of Horrors, Bridgeport Downtown Cabaret.



Notes of Thanks


"I am so happy with the way the set turned out and getting to work with you. I hope we can do it again. I wish you could see it. It really is a fun looking show.-Bill Berry, Director/ Producing/Managing Director 5th Ave Theatre Seattle


"I have grown wings knowing you... and not the wings of Icarus. Wings that never melt no matter how close they fly to the sun."

Richard Gonci, Creative Director, mad man, thinker, critic, writer.


"David, you and Charles McCarry are the only two designers I know that have a grasp on the idea of stage design either in theatre or film.....and also, both of you can write at length about the subject. Also both of you have knowledge of the idea of educating this profession in art schools." - Franco Colavecchia, USA829 Opera Designer, Educator, & Artist.


"MOST EXCELLENT AND MONDRIAN... ITS BRILLIANT...... DAVID, YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY WITH THIS DESIGN. " - Franco Collavecchia, USA829 Opera Designer, Educator, & Artist; RE: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, 5th Ave Theatre, Seattle


"To reiterate, and then some, even I, with my putative flair for words, was at a loss for words when I first gazed on your utterly luminous designs for this show. You are, and always were, the most gifted designer I ever had the privilege to know and love... not to mention work with."- Richard Gonci, Creative Director, AMD


“...just a short note to thank you for your efforts on the FMI project. It’s no secret that you put in hours of hard work to design a splendid exhibit for us.”- Chris Reardon, Philip Morris USA


“...many thanks for being flexible, budget-conscious and most of all, just plain good.”- Rebecca Weller, Asst. Director, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. "Midsummer Night's Swing"


“...I know the timing was impossible on this one, but you managed to design and put together a really beautiful, first class event under impossible circumstances.” Rick Stockton, Senior Director, SONY Vaio Launch, 1996


“They LOVED the set. You are the Greatest!!! You are the most creative resource I have!” - C.Mitchell, Ex. Producer, CRM Productions, Washington Mutual


"David, Hey... thanks again for an amazing job on the Dasatinib Launch meeting. Fantastic show with giddy clients. Everything looked beautiful, and as YOU said..."Was about the patients and people's lives.". I truly enjoy working with you!! You are a pleasure to strategize with and are quickly becoming a favorite of mine....- Peter Bavaso, Drury Design Dynamics"


“Mister David, Your set was spectacular... It was breathtaking.”- J. Redmond, Director, Sanofi-Aventis

"Really, really nice" - Marc MIller, ex Sales, Gail & Rice


"You are so good David.  What a pleasure."- Martin Domingo Ex Producer, Gail & Rice


"You are super-fantastic and FAST!!!!! Thank You!"- Audra Jones, Producer, Todd Street Productions.


“...I know you David from the times that we have worked together and know how passionate you are with the work you do and how much integrity you bring to the table and what you expect from the people you choose to work with.”...Alan Dorman, Southwest Scenic


"I officially nominate David to be on every show"- Cameron Yeary, UVLD


"Gorgeous, I love it. You're an angel."- Caren Patterson, Ex. Producer


"David, you are absolutely the most talented designer I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. " - Pennie Wilfong, Executive Producer, Gail & Rice


"Great Work"- August Dellapi, AVHQ Show Solutions


"The best design and creative use of one of the worst ballrooms in the history of corporate theater goes to...David Sumner." - Jill Glenn, Ex Producer, Glenn & Glenn


"Wow, you are fast!"- Susan Crittendon, MC2 Events


"Your design looked great and we got plenty of compliments. "- Martin Domingo, Gail & Rice"


David – Thanks so much – the work you’ve done on IBM Golden Circle is just wonderful. I am thrilled with all of it and wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your effort and your talent. Best... Philip Manin, Drury Design Dynamics


" David, I jumped on a plane just after you sent them. They are/were fabulous and the client was thrilled. Again, I can not thank you enough for jumping in at such a late notice. Your work is always stellar!! - Kathryn Pinder, Ex. Producer, Drury Design Dynamics"


"We are getting so much great feedback on the conference and look and feel of the program. Clients and GS people loved the staging. A major success! - Colleen Doan, Goldman Sachs. 2002


"They look great, fabulous, brilliant, museum-quality." - Meredith Henderson, Ex. Producer


" The reality was as close to the rendering as I've seen in a long time."- Martin Dempsey, Producer


"Awesome job David!- John Malmazian"


"Way cool, David."- Tom Spaulding, Ex. Producer


“Lover-ly. I like it a lot. Sharp, snappy, smart. Good lookin'. Not overbearing. Great work.” C. Schwartz, CANON


"It scares me how good you are at this stuff!"- Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics


“David, All are great. You're the best.”- Tom Spaulding Executive Producer, Drury Design


“These are phenomenal. Thanks” - Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics


“David your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!” - R. Brooker


The set and staging were beautiful....It all starts with our creative brainstorming sessions…the result was spectacular. It’s rare that it happens, but the set looked as beautiful as the renderings. Thanks David!” - Patrick Wall, PWG Creative, Inc.


"David you ROCK!   I think this looks great...."- Marianne LeBlanc, MGM Resorts


"Thank you so much again for everything you've done to bring this thing from some crazy ideas to a real show. It would have been more than impossible without you."Matt Webb, UVLD


"These renderings look spectacular. You deliver the concept, the architecture and the excitement. Thank you. " -Tom Magierski, Paradise Show & Design


"Thank you whiz kid! You never cease to amaze me. I love you."- Larry Vickers, director/choreographer, Paris FR.


"You're ALL IN David. You're not on the fence and you don't make excuses."- Peet Foster, ESPN


"You're really a mad man."- Molly Demeo, Producer, Todd Street.


"...When she saw them, she asked if this was your original design and they said no, she yelled at them for not trusting you from the beginning and told me to pass along her apologies."- Marc Miller, Gail & Rice


"I know, Mr. Sumner, that you were responsible for the set design in both rooms and want to compliment you not only how good the layout looked, but on how well it worked."- Robin Elliott, Ex. Director, Parkinson Foundation


"I couldn't have done this without you."- Martin Domingo, Ex. Producer, Gail & Rice

"Love your work.  You’re awesome." - Rebecca Scarpati, Producer, Anode


"For all you helped me be and push through...." - Rebecca Schneider, RISD '96'


"I learned more in this class than all my other RISD classes combined." - Nathan Dean RISD '96


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